The power of the words

Words have the power to change our world , For example you can start a War just with some words or you can bring the peace with just a little better words and it is up to you to use which one.

Many people have died because of using the wrong words in the wrong time so there is a time for each combination of words and you should use them in the right time.

Let me make an example , Imagine you meet a depressed person and you suddenly decide to talk to him so you go and sit next to him and start to talk , Now you have a two-way Road which is using a combination of hopeful words to help him or saying some hopeless words and lead him to commit a suicide.

Also These days people don’t consider the power of the words and they say some depressing words just to look cool but they don’t know that this will affect their mental situation and it will lead them right into a lunatic asylum.

As you see playing with words is like playing with a loaded gun and you might hurt yourself or the other people so its better to turn the safety catch on.

The normal actions

When you say that is normal you mean that action usually happens and if it doesn’t happen that is a rare occurrence.

So when we are talking about the events which have been happened in the world we are talking about some normal events which are caused by some specific actions.

For example when you when you aim somebody with a gun and you shoot him in the head it is normal for him to die and if he survives it is a miracle which is an abnormal case.

all I want to say is when you choose a dictator it is normal to commit genocide so you shouldn’t blame him for what he has done you should blame yourself because of choosing a dictator as your leader.

So when a dictator kills lots of people just to save his throne that is a normal action and he shouldn’t be blamed as a virus isn’t blamed for people’s death and also you are blamed because of your choice as those people are blamed because of not taking care of their hygiene situation.

In the end you might say that I’m wrong or crazy but if you look at this issue again you would see that I have a point and you can’t expect a wolf to treat a sheep with kindness.